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cambridgeuk's Journal

Cambridgeshire, UK.
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For those who live, work or study in (or are just visiting) Cambridge, UK.
I was surprised not to be able to find a Cambridge community - I'm about to move there for a few years and need all sorts of helpful hints from locals about restaurants, bars, what's on in the evenings, where to shop, what to see, etc. etc.

This community is intended to provide just that sort of advice, discussions about local issues, etc.

Currently I'm happy to take flyers and adverts for local events, from jumble sales to jazz nights, private sales, anything goes. Obviously, if the community becomes very large and busy (ha!) I might have to change those rules.

Anyway - please promote this community. At the moment it's only me verifying membership requests though, so be patient if there's a bit of a delay, thanks :D